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Ken Cooke, Hypnotherapist, who provides help with anxiety

I’m Ken and have been helping clients to overcome various anxieties for many years.

During that time, I’ve helped with a whole range of symptoms including General Anxiety,  Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Our Focus.

Free Initial ConsultationAnxiety is a form of fear resulting in both mental and physical stress. 

The most common symptoms of this fight or flight response include shortness of breath, heart palpitations, trembling, sweating and a generally feeling of confusion. 

Sometimes this can spiral down into a recurring fear of being anxious about being anxious.

By using clinical hypnotherapy we work with our clients to develop techniques for reducing and eliminating those unwanted feelings.

People tend to experience anxiety in many different ways, so we offer help with anxiety that is tailored to their particular needs.

It is always best to consult with your medical doctor if you are experiencing any physical symptoms, such as abnormal blood pressure, a racing heart, shortness of breath or a tightening chest. 

The first step is to find out more about a Free Consultation now and discover how clinical hypnotherapy could help you.

Can hypnotherapy help with any other issues?

You are in the right place for help with anxiety, but hypnotherapy can provide help for a wide range of conditions including: Confidence, Alcohol, Smoking, Fears, Phobias, Pain, Weight Control, Anger Management, Past Life Regression and much more.

You can read more about these therapies at our sister site Ken Cooke Hypnotherapy

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