Free therapy plan

What does a Free Initial Consultation include?

The details are listed below, but it is an informal chat so that you know what to expect during focused hypnotherapy sessions.
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How are you affected by anxiety?

We start by discussing how you are impacted now and what changes are needed to change your life for the better.

It may also be appropriate to consider how others in your life are affected.

How hypnotherapy works.

Differences between the conscious and subconscious minds will be explained. 

We outline examples of how your subconscious mind has been working in the background and how it can be re-programmed.

What happens during a hypnotic session?

You will learn what to expect during a hypnotic session. 

We describe how you will fall into a deep state relaxation, while still being aware of everything that is said to you and being able to talk.

You will also learn how some of your senses will be enhanced.  For instance, you can expect to be more aware of the sounds, your breathing and the environment around you.

Your personalised therapy plan.

We provide you with a plan for taking you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. 

This includes:

  • The number of sessions suitable for you.
  • The ideal length of the sessions.
  • If more than one session is required, how far apart they should be.
  • The pricing.
  • Free tips that you can start using immediately.

Question and Answer Session.

Although this is a two-way conversation and questions are welcome during the entire meeting, we wrap up by checking that everything has been explained to your satisfaction.

Where is the Free Initial Consultation conducted?

It usually takes place in our office in Cuevas de Reyllo and you are welcome to bring along a partner or close friend.

ZOOM is also an alternative if you have good internet connectivity.

The purpose of the Free Initial Consultation

The good news is that after the Free Initial Consultation you will have all the information that you need to assess if hypnotherapy is for you.

You can request a Free Initial Consultation by clicking on the button below.