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Live a Life without Stress

A little stress is natural and keeps you sharp.  It reminds you to respond to life and jump out of bed in the morning.

Managing Stress

Avoiding stressful situations is almost impossible, but your reactions to them dictates whether they develop into anxiety.

Practicing the following should help you to glide through those stressful moments.  Why not try them out now.

Visualisation technique to Beat Stress.

Find a quiet place for a minute or two and recollect a joyful moment.  Perhaps one when you were on holiday and very relaxed.  Recall the scene in glorious colour.  Was there anyone with you?  What did you hear?  How did you feel?

It is hard to be stressed while thinking about wonderful times.

Let off Steam.

Another way to let go of stress is to focus on an area in your body where you feel it.  Picture yourself as a kettle and then allow the steam to escape through your mouth in a long, relaxed breath.

Positive Self Talk to Ease Stress

This is also referred to as positive affirmations.

Write down on a piece of card a sentence that embraces a positive feeling that you can read whenever you are stressed, or about to experience a stressful situation. 

There are thousands of examples on the internet, which are suitable for no one in particular and best forgotten about.  Create your own using the following recipe. 

  • Write them in the present tense.
  • Make them positive.
  • Write them using your own language patterns.  In other words – how you would normally talk.

It may feel strange if you are new to affirmations, but they are very powerful when you create and use them correctly.

Breathing to Beat Stress

The body is inclined to relax when your outward breath takes longer than your inward breath.  Start by counting to 6 while you inhale and then up to 8 as you slowly exhale.  Try it out and find the numbers that suit you. 

Mastering this will help you in all stressful situations.  Use it whenever you visit the doctor, dentist, or deal with officialdom. 

Forget about Stress with an Act of Kindness

It has been found that performing an “act of kindness” greatly reduces stress levels. Watch out for those opportunities, however small and help someone out.

Now What?

Firstly, consult your medical doctor and then use those simple tips.

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