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Your Inner Power

The human mind has an incredible inner power and performs 10,000,000,000,000,000 actions every second.  They happen at a subconscious level and include pumping blood around the body at the right temperature, controlling the breathing and communicating with trillions of cells.

The average person has about 60,000 thoughts every day and they have a direct effect on how one feels and behaves. 

This powerhouse of a mind has one limitation being its inability to tell the difference between a real event than an imagined one.

If you imagine a scary event, your body reacts as if you are experience it in real life.  Therefore, it’s best to have a greater number of positive thoughts than negative ones.

The nocebo effect.

You will be familiar with the “placebo effect” where a non-active substance is given in place of a genuine drug.  The patient improves because they believe that they will.

The nocebo effect is the opposite.  The belief that something harmful is going to happen means that the body releases cortisol (the stress hormone) leading to stress, anxiety and adverse physical reactions, such as a reduced immune system.

Belief Becomes Reality

Whatever you believe – good or bad – becomes your reality. 

Unfortunately, over 95% of thoughts run on autopilot and have been formed by a lifetime of experiences that shape the subconscious mind.

Changing your thoughts will change your reality, so choose wisely.

Events don’t cause anxiety

Events don’t cause anxiety, but people’s perceptions about events do.

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