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Quick Fix for Anxiety


Here are two quick fix for anxiety exercises that you can use if you are feeling particularly anxious.  They are not intended as a permanent solution, but they will help with stressful moments.

They are simple to learn, so make sure that you use them whenever you need to. 

Try them out now and see how you get on.  You can practice when a stressful event is coming your way.  The calming effect increases each time and becomes automatic after a while.

You can use the one that you prefer.  Try them together or one after the other and don’t be afraid to experiment.

The first quick fix for anxiety – Looking upwards.

This exercise is very easy and looks a bit strange so you may prefer to try it while you are alone. 

Don’t do it if you are driving, moving around or operating machinery.  Stop whatever you are doing and then sit down or stand still.  Look up into the sky while your head is level.  Do this for thirty seconds and check how you feel.  You should find that your internal dialogue (that voice inside that doesn’t shut up) calms down.

It works for most people because it is almost impossible to have words going though your mind while your eyes are in this unusual position.

The second quick fix for anxiety – Controlled breathing

This one is easier to use in public or while working at your desk because it is a simple breathing exercise. In fact, you can combine it with light exercises, such as walking.

It is best to breath from your tummy rather than with your chest.  Try not to breath from the chest as this results in short, rapid breath, which increases anxiety.

Focus on a spot about eight centimetres (three inches) below your navel.  Feel as though you are breathing from there.  This uses your entire lung capacity instead of the top portion only.

Once you are happy doing that, I would like you to add another dimension. 

Make your exhalation slower than your inhalation.  This sends a signal to your mind that you are relaxing.

The best way is to breath in for the mental count of six and then out for the count of eight.  Find a ratio that is right for you, so long as the inward breath is shorter than the outward one.

This feels very funny at first, but you will master it quickly.

When to use them?

I always recommend that you use them before a stressful event. That will put you into the right frame of mind and then continue to use them if appropriate.  After a while you won’t have to think about it.

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