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These are Anxious times!

Help with Anxiety

I say that because a greater proportion of my clients are now seeing me for help with anxiety and related issues.

You will be able to acquire preliminary information here, but nothing beats chatting with a professional hypnotherapist to learn about hypnotherapy and anxiety. 

You are unique

Anxiety effects everyone in different ways so it is important to focus on you and not generalise.  The internet and social media have lots of advice, but it is not tailored for you and is best avoided.

Unhelpful Labels

It is popular to attach labels to anxiety, such as “social anxiety”.  This compartmentalisation is not always helpful and can be misleading.  As I mentioned above, anxiety is different for everyone.  A Free Initial Consultation will pinpoint the source of your issues and plan the appropriate approach.

Intensity levels

Only you are aware of how anxiety impacts on your life.  If you carry on doing the same thing it is likely that it will remain at the same level or worsen.  Just continuing to live with it, is not a way forward.

You can reduce Anxiety by changing your lifestyle.  This might mean taking up new exercise routines, changing jobs or other facets of your life.  Again, this will be unique for you and it can be discussed at your Free Initial Consultation.

Free Initial Consultations

I like to offer a Free Initial Consultation so you can ask all your questions and decide if hypnotherapy is for you.  There is never any obligation to start treatment.  In fact, hypnotherapy is most effective for those who have attended a Free Consultation, understand the process and heartily embraced the recommendation.

What happens after the Free Initial Consultation?

If we have agreed that hypnotherapy could be helpful, I will ask you to take seventy-two hours before choosing to proceed.

Your therapy plan can then be implemented as discussed during the Free Initial Consultation.

What to do now?

For help with anxiety and to change your life, click the button below to apply for a Free Initial Consultation.

You can also find more information on other therapies at our sister site